Dave's Virgin Islands - 2005, Page 2

Dave's Virgin Islands - 2005

Page 2

Breakfast- a tasty cheese and corned beef omelet

Our first story time- "Good Morning Captain Sir!

Cabin #12

Optional excursion cat cruise and snorkel to Peter Island
"A popular yacht anchorage, Peter Island is known for its beautiful beaches and perfect picnic spots like Deadmanís Bay, Great Harbour and Sprat Bay."

Steph right before the jellyfish-went-after-my-asscheeks incident

Lunch- pizza and avocado salad

Our first raising of the sails

Woo hoo! We anchor off Prickly Pear Island then go swimming off the ship

This fairly decent sized fish was stalking the group, believe it was about a 5ft barracuda
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Oh no, its got Tim!

The Legacy shows up, and a cannon battle ensues

The males victorious in "Battle of the Sexes"
Apparently it was the largest margin of victory ever for the men, something like 8 to 4 I believe. I helped us answer the question correctly about which tampon does not use an applicator- reaching back to my consumer product brand skills- I'll say o.b.
I think it also says I care about your...

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Someone at first said these were sharks, but were actually tarpon attracted to the light

Bar-b-q dinner on shore. Good fish, chicken, rice & peas, outstanding creamed corn, and an eclair.

Philly Bob and Pam- she would make the comment that she thought Philly Bob and I were old friends.
Yep, we got along swimmingly and played off of each other well. In fact I think he is the one that got me talking to...

Debra- purser from the Legacy. One of my new favorite people, and someone that I could spend all night talking to and dancing with.

Linda- from Couer d'Alene, Idaho and works for one of my former customers up there. Small world.