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Page 8- Paris

Monday 30th

Like Monet, same shots with different lighting...

I'd spend the morning relaxing in the room and not head out of the hotel until about noon.

It was only about a 10 or 15 minute walk down the Champs de Armee to the Arc

It helps to remember and put a trip in context when you remember the headlines. Today on CNN it was Madonna trying to adopt another kid from Malawi, General Motors CEO having to step down, and Peugeot's CEO having to step down as well.

Arc de Triomphe

People actually wearing berets in France- who would've thought these days you are more likely to see one on an American soldier?

I'd then keep on wlaking down the famous Champs des Elysees

Juxtaposing the image of a homeless person with extravegance. Feels like we should sing a Dillon song or something (I don't even like Dillon, but it sounds appropriate...)

As an Austinite had to acknowledge the Lance Armstrong factor here

Another great, short man

I'd stop at McDonalds for a quick, somewhat inexpensive lunch. This pic is a nod to "Pulp Fiction."
And yes, you can buy a beer at McDonalds here.

I suppose times change, and money and business talk. Weren't these people recently hated occupiers?

Guess we know why this is here

Me crossing the aforementioned famous avenue

I'd hang a left at this place

And walk a little past here...

...to arrive at the Opera House

"Phantom of the Opera" is one of my favorite musicals, and of course most of it is set here.
And who knew- it is apparently "the most lucrative entertainment enterprise of all time" according to Wiki.

Then walk uphill to Montemartre.

For dinner my egg, ham, and cheese crepe and frites, and you can see buskers playing outside.
It was getting really chilly, so I ate inside, where they actually charge you more than for takeaway. Service was grumpy, food pretty good.

As I walked down the hill the two ladies that ran the souvenier shop, where this dog was sitting on the counter, spotted my massive manly muscles and enlisted my aid in helping them close the heavy shutters on their shop.
Out of gratitude I got a free key chain.

I'd take the subway back to the Arc.

And then head to the top for the night time view.

The way back to my hotel

I arrive back "home" around 10:30, a pretty full day!

31st Tuesday- fly home

Delta #21 Paris 130pm to Atlanta 520pm, Delta #1471 ATL 915pm 1051pm another $100 change fee for creating a layover in Paris.

Flight out of Atlanta would be delayed, so instead of being home about 11pm would land back in Austin just before midnight.

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