Dave & Rich's Kauai Trip

May 11-13, 2007

Page 1- Friday

I had received an unexpected promotion and would have to moving back to the mainland after only about a year in Hawaii. I'd spent my first year busting my butt at work and always figured I would have plenty of time to sightsee. With less than six months left in the islands I still hadn't gone to any of the other islands. If I thought of the Hawaiian Islands as a honeymoon place, well then Kauai was THE honeymoon island, so despite rave reviews I had never made it out there. One of my best friends from high school, Rich, was now living on the west coast and wanted to come visit- so a good chance to do a long weekend.

HA513 950am-1030am, about $70 each

We pick up our rented PT Cruiser convertable (about $155), then look for some local grinds before heading up the east coast.

Rich finds the beautiful scenery to be overwhelming

I remember friends recommended the Princeville Resort. Here you see where we stayed- the campground right next to the Princeville. Rich has seen much more of the world than even I have, but we would also be traveling on different budgets...

I also remember things were hectic enough at work that I cranked up the laptop and actually worked on the beach for an hour or two. Anytime/anywhere connectivity- good and bad.

Walking up this beach I would meet my new friend Dawn and Lilly below who became our guides for the remainder of the day

We watch the sunset at Hanalei Bay

Dave and the menehune- Hawaii's mythical little people

"Lovely Hanalei Bay on Kauai’s North Shore may be the most beautiful beach setting in all of Hawaii. Hanalei is the largest bay on the island of Kauai and nearly a perfect semi-circle of white sand. Behind the beach is an utterly breathtaking backdrop of waterfalls and emerald mountain peaks wrapped in mist, soaring thousands of feet towards the heavens. The beach is two miles long, 125 feet wide, and bordered by the Hanalei River to the east and the Waipa River to the west. The ocean bottom slopes gently to overhead depths, and there are large coral reefs at both ends of the bay. Every ocean recreation activity you can imagine is available, from boating and windsurfing to kayaking up the placid Hanalei River. The bay is very popular with serious surfers. There is a public boat ramp and a 300-foot long pier used for fishing and swimming. The many “no dogs” and “no jumping off the pier” signs are blissfully ignored."

We would then struggle to find somewhere to eat dinner since everything around here seemed to close at 8 or 9pm, freshen up back at Dawn's place, hit a local house party, head out to some beach in the dark looking for a group of their friends, and late night I would get to sleep in a bed and manage to avoid the tent.

Feel like we are in an episode of "The Amazing Race"