Dave's U.S. Journeys

States I've Lived

Moved to Miami when I was five for one year, then grew up in Ft. Lauderdale. Attended The University of Florida in Gainesville for 4yrs, then worked in Boca for 2yrs. Parents there so go home at least every Christmas.

With Coach Steve Spurrier at an alumni gathering in Ft. Lauderdale, Spring 1995

With Army buddy Dave and his DEA Agent co-worker
South Beach, Spring 1997

Myself, Jeff, and Dave at the Final Four before our heartbreaking loss
Tampa Bay April 1999

Ft. Lauderdale July 17th for work 2008

Home every year for Christmas except 2006

Where I currently reside, in Austin.

In front of the Alamo with Kat, 1999

At the Final 4 in San Antonio, April 2004, before our heartbreaking loss

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Got my MBA from Duke University in Durham.

Here we are with sports announcers Brent Musberger & Dickie V after one of the best basketball games I have ever been to- last game of the '97-'98 regular season, #1 UNC vs #2 Duke. Losing almost the whole way and we pull it out at the end!

Lived in Seattle June 2002 until July 2003. Moved out there for work, covering as a sales territory for 18 months.

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Lived in Augusta for about 7 months attending the Officer Basic Course as a US Army Officer at Ft. Gordon, Georgia.

After the 1994 SEC Championship victory by the Florida Gators over Alabama- hooking up with Ted Turner's niece

My staff during our capstone FTX

A drinking night at my place with close friends

Our small learning group after graduation

Lived in Greenwich during my internship at Unilever, summer 1998.

Part of our intern group in our cubes
Kelly from Columbia, Min Ha from Harvard, Dave from Wharton, and me.
Dave and I shared a tiny cube. Normally this could drive someone nuts, especially since "back then" we actually got more done over the phone than by e-mail, but we were really compatable and were fast friends.


States I've Been to A Lot

Alaska- covered as a sales territory Feb 2002-July 2003
See my Alaska page

Idaho- covered as a sales territory Feb 2002-July 2003
Montana- covered as a sales territory Feb 2002-July 2003
Michigan- covered as a sales territory for 9 months in 2001
Oregon- covered as a sales territory Feb-July 2002

Arizona- covered as a sales territory Nov 2001-Jan 2002
See Sedona/Grand Canyon 2001

New Mexico- covered as a sales territory Nov 2001-Jan 2002

Roswell, January 2002
At the UFO Museum


In front of the Golden Gate Bridge
Out there to interview with Clorox Fall 1998

New York- interned in Manhatten summer 1998

See more of New York City
See Buffalo/Niagra 2004

Washington, D.C.

States I've Been to

Alabama- visited family as a kid
Colorado- visited for work 2002
Delaware- went for work in 2003
Denver- one day for work in 2002, June 17th for work 2008
Illinois- Chicago several times for fun and work
Indiana- visited for work 2000, 2003, 2004
Kansas- did a customer presentation in Kansas City 2/05
Kentucky- several times for work in 2004 and 2005

New Orleans

Maine- for work November 2003
Massachusetts- visited Boston for work 2000, 2003, Oct 2004
Minnesota- Mall of the Americas
Sept 30-Oct 1st, 2008 for work

Mississippi- for work late March 2005
Missouri- ate lunch at Chili's on the way to Kansas City 2/05

Nevada- Vegas four times

New Hampshire- Oct '04 to see the foliage

New Jersey- family vacation and Atlantic City for work October '03 and '04

On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City

Cleveland, Ohio June 2-4, 2008

Oklahoma- Oklahoma City and Tulsa for work, 2005
Kansas and OKC Sept 10-11, 2008 for work

Pennsylvania- For work October 2003 and 2004, Hershey Feb 2005

Rhode Island- stayed in Barrington with a friend after 9/11

South Carolina- Charleston for a wedding in 1995, Georgia border towns

High school friend Patrick Tingom's wedding at The Citadel, June 1995

Tennessee- visiting my friend Ellen Memphis Thanksgiving 1994 and then for her wedding, Nashville for work a few times

In front of Graceland

Utah- stuck in Salt Lake City on way back from Alaska vacation

Vermont- Oct '04 to see the foliage

Virginia- visited for work 2000, 2004

West Virginia
Duke road trip to go white water rafting 9/12/98

Bill, Jeff, me, Lew, Kim, Allen, and our guide

Wisconsin- visited Milwaukee for work, Feb 2004

States Still To See- four more to go

Airports or just driving through don't count

North Dakota
South Dakota- Mt. Rushmore
Wyoming- Yellowstone