Tuesday the 25th


"Tour the “rose-red” city (by horseback and foot) which begins at the “Siq,” a winding canyon road. At the end of the passage you’ll see Petra’s most beautiful monument — the Treasury — carved out of the solid rock from the side of the mountain. Beyond the Treasury, you’ll discover soaring temples, elaborate royal tombs, a theatre, burial chambers and water channels. Dinner at cave restaurant (closed for renovations...) and overnight in Petra."

Linda says this looks more like Zorro...

Not exactly Indiana Jones galloping speed...

Obelisk Tomb

About to enter The Siq

I come upon the Treasury (Al-Khazneh)

Walking along the Street of Facades and then by the theater below

Below pics are at the Royal Tombs

Then I went up to the Urn Tomb and took a break

I was pretty tired and made it back to the hotel about 3pm. Would have been great to jump in the pool pictured above but it was ice cold, so I showered, had two scoops of ice cream downstairs (pretty good) and took a siesta.
The internet was down supposedly all over the country, and the Cave Bar was closed for renovation, so I took the five minute walk next door to the Crowne Plaza to see if anything was going on there- no, pretty dead. I had cream of chicken soup and spaghetti bologanase, both pretty unremarkable.

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